In the Scriptures, as seen in the Jewish, Hebrew Tanakh and the English, King James Bible, God gives the Jewish people a detailed land grant for the nation of Israel, also known as the Promised Land. All Scriptures quoted in this book are from the King James Bible. The warranty deed for the land granted to the Jews is guaranteed by God, for eternity. Definite boundary lines for the land of Israel are described in the Scriptures. Stable, geographical boundary lines mark the outside and inside boundaries of Israel. Many cities and resources are also included in this warranty deed so that clear title to these cities and resources are without dispute. God promises that anyone who makes illegal, malicious claims on the land of Israel will face harsh penalties. This book points out the clear boundaries of Israel, as stated in the Scripture’s warranty deed. Also, the details of the land and resources, within the boundaries, are discussed in great detail.

For centuries, there have been many destructive conflicts in the land of Israel. Many of Israel’s enemies have fought against the Jews to take the Promised Land of Israel. Several countries have declared their evil intentions to wipe every Jew off the land of Israel. But by a miracle, the Jewish people have continued to survive in the land of Israel. Presidents, kings and other rulers have tried to take the land of Israel by political deceit or by military and terrorist force.

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Various peace plans have been offered to solve the conflict in the land of Israel, but they have all failed. In this book, we expose false peace plans and reveal God’s final solution for the conflict against Israel. It is revealed in the Scriptures that Israel and other Middle East nations need, both a political solution and a spiritual solution to their conflict. In this book, we have turned Heaven’s golden key of the Scriptures, which will open the door for peace in Israel. The warranty deed for the land of Israel is still safe and secure in the treasure chest of God’s Scriptures! In Heaven, God has a recorded warranty deed that grants the land of Israel to the Jewish people. The warranty deed is endorsed by God, the Supreme Judge!

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