The treasures to be found in the study of the Tabernacle are far too numerous for us to be exhaustive in this simple study. We hope only to wet your appetite and plant a desire within you to study the Word of God deeper. Once you get a basic grasp of the Old Testament types, the Bible becomes more colorful, more meaningful, more ALIVE! These treasure lie just beneath the surface ready to reward the search of all who desire to learn what God yearns to reveal to us of Himself through these studies. We hope these will be a blessing to you.

Symbolism Attached to Materials and Colors
1. Gold-deity
2. Silver-Atonement (Ex. 30:13-16)
3. Brass-Judgment (Lev. 26:19; Nu. 21:8-9; Dt. 28:23)
4. Blue-Heavenly One (The atmospheric heavens are blue.)
5. Purple-Royalty
6. Scarlet-Suffering servant (Atoning Blood)
7. Fine Linen-righteousness (Rev. 19:8)
8. Goats’ Hair-Fatal Sin of Man (Rom. 5:12)
9. Rams’ Skins dyed red-consecration-obedient unto death
10. Badgers’ Skins-Unlimited Protection
11. Shittim Wood-incorruptibility (Ps. 16:10b)
12. Oil-Typifies the Holy Spirit
13. Sweet Spices-beauty (Ex. 30:34-38)
14. Veil-“That is to say, his flesh” (Heb. 10:20)

Symbolism Attached to Numbers and Measurements
Three-Triune Godhead
Four-Earth (Four winds; four corners of the earth)
Six-Man; Human weakness
Eight-New Beginning (New world began with 8 people, new week)
Nine-Spirit Fruit
Ten-Responsibility on earth; Completeness
Eleven-Human failure; Confusion; Judgment
Twelve-Earthly government (12 Tribes, 12 Apostles)
Forty-Testing (Jonah 3:4; Luke 4:2)
Fifty-Jubilee (Lev. 25:8-17)

In measurement involving half cubits, each half becomes a unit of measure. For example: 2 1\2 cubits=five half cubits (Five=grace)

Baking, beating, bruising, burning, crushing, piercing, and roasting remind us of Christ’s suffering. For example: beaten gold (Ex. 39:3) roasted lamb (Ex. 12:9)




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