Typology - The Tabernacle


Inside the Holy of Holies

Ark Of the Covenant
Ex 25:10-16; 37: 1-5

     The Ark was made of shittim wood which is a very strong, durable wood. This represents the incorruptibility of Jesus

     It was overlaid with gold within and without to show that Jesus retained full deity in union with His humanity. The golden crown announces Jesus as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

     The length was 2 1/2 Cubits= 5 half cubits: 5=grace
The breadth and height were 1 1/2 cubits=3 half cubits: 3=Triune Godhead
1. The tables of stone with the Ten Commandments were kept in the Ark (Ex. 25:16). This shows that God's law was KEPT (i.e. observed and preserved) by Christ.
2. The Golden Pot of Manna (Ex 16:32,33) typifies Christ as the Bread of Life.
3. Aaron's Rod that budded (Nu. 17:10)depicts Christ's resurrection (Life out of death).

     Other arks also typified Christ
1. Noah's Ark-Universal death sentence would not be reversed but grace provided a way of escape for those inside!
2. Ark of Bulrushes (Ex. 2:3)-Provided safety and deliverance on the very waters in which Moses had been sentenced to die. The sentence was unchanged. Christ is our Ark of safety!

Mercy Seat
Ex. 25:17-22; 37:6-9

     The Ark typifies the PERSON of Christ. The Mercy Seat emphasizes His PURPOSE.

     The Mercy Seat was pure gold. No wood. Nothing but pure deity could offer saving mercy.
     The length and breadth were identical with the Ark. This shows that mercy will one day cover ONLY those IN Christ.
     The thickness is not mentioned. Unnamed dimensions represent something infinite. That is certainly true of God's mercy!

     The Mercy Seat is where God met with Moses. This typifies Christ, where "mercy and truth are met together." (Ps. 85:10)

     A seat is a place to rest. Christ, our Mercy seat, is a place of rest. "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." (Mt. 11:28)

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