Typology - The Tabernacle


The Outer Court of the Tabernacle
Ex. 27:1-19; 38:1-20

The Brazen Altar
Ex 27:1-8; 38:1-7

The Altar was a place where sacrifices were offered and typifies Calvary. The shittim wood typifies Christ's humanity and reminds us that Christ became Man for the express purpose of experiencing our infirmities and to lay His life down for us.

Length=5 cubits: Grace
Breadth=5 cubits: Grace
This shows double grace. Never has grace been shown more clearly than at Calvary!

Horns represent power. Horns on all four corners show the power of the blood of Calvary to cleanse unto the four corners of the globe.

The Altar was overlaid with brass typifying judgment. Calvary manifested God's judgment upon sin.

Four great doctrines are illustrated by the Altar:
Atonement: Lev. 17:11,14; Heb. 9:22
Redemption: Gal. 3:13; Eph. 1:7; Col 1:14; Titus 2:14
Justification: Rom. 3:24-26; 5:1,2
Initial Sanctification: Heb. 10:10,14; I Cor. 1:30

The Brazen Laver
Ex 30:17-21: 38:8

The Laver was made of brass typifying judgment. This was a place for the priests to wash before entering the Holy Place. It is significant to note that the Laver was made from the looking glasses of the women (Ex 38:8). The Bible likens God's Word to a mirror in James 1:22-25. For us to enter the "Holy Place" we must wash ourselves with the Word of God and examine ourselves in the Mirror which is the Bible.

Four great doctrines are illustrated by the Laver:
Regeneration: John 3:5; I Cor. 4:15; Titus 3:5; James 1:18; I Pet. 1:23
Illumination: Ps. 119:105,130; John 1:1,9
Self-examination: I Cor. 11:28; James 1:22-25
Progressive Sanctification: II Cor. 3:18; Eph. 5:25-27

Court Structure

The outer Court structure separated the worship center from the world. It typifies Christians being in the world but not of the world. There was not an ounce of gold in the outer court. The most prominent materials in the court were brass and wood.

The sixty pillars uphold a fine linen hanging which represents the righteousness of saints since this is the only thing the world could actually see. (Rev 19:8) Often times the only picture of Christ the world gets is through the lives of the saints.

Each pillar stood in sockets of brass( judgment). When judgment arrives each person will stand alone, in a fixed position too late to change. They were crowned with silver (atonement) chapiters. The fine linen (righteousness) hung on silver fillets (atonement). Our righteousness hangs on our atonement!

The Gate
Ex. 27:16; 38:18,19

The Gate is only half as high as the door and veil but it is twice as wide. Just inside the Gate is the Altar (a type of Calvary). The invitation to redemption is wide open for one and all, as suggested by the double width.

The entrances grow narrower as you draw closer to the Holy Place. The Door is only half as wide as the Gate. The closer one walks to Christ the straighter his walk will become.

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