Inside The Holy Place


Table of Shewbread
Ex 25:23-29; 37:10-16

Tables remind us of fellowship. As the priests had fellowship with their high priests at this table, so also Christians fellowship with God through Christ.

The border around the table was a handbreadth high (Ex 25:25). Since it encloses the twelve loaves representing twelve tribes, it certainly reminds us of God's protective hand surrounding His people.

Wood overlaid with gold shows the nature of Christ. 100% God. 100% man
The width was 1 cubit showing unity
The length was 2 cubits representing fellowship
The height was 1 1/2 cubits or 3 half cubits symbolizing the Triune Godhead

Shewbread was made from fine flour representing the sinless life of Christ. The flour still had to be baked. One is not saved by Christ's sinless life but by His atoning death!

Golden Candlestick
Ex. 25:31-39; 37:17-24

There were no windows or other means of light inside the Tabernacle. Jesus is the only light. Six branches came out of the central stem. This represent the church's total dependence on Christ. Jesus said "I am the vine, ye are the branches." The candlestick was a beaten work. Even the branches were beaten. This represented the pierced Saviour as well as the persecuted church.

Pure gold shows the full and perfect deity of Christ.
No dimensions tells us that the light of the Gospel has no boundaries
The weight was one talent which is a tremendous amount of gold. Jesus paid an enormous price for our redemption

Golden Altar of Incense
Ex 30:1-10; 37:25-28

This stood in front of the Mercy Seat just outside the Veil. It typifies Christ in His role as intercessor. The horns emphasize the power of prayer. One horn on each corner represent that this power is equally available to all people, and equally effective in all parts of the world.

The Brazen Altar wore no Golden Crown. The Crown on the Golden Altar declares the Suffering Servant of Calvary to now be crowned King. Through Him and Him alone do our prayers reach the throne of grace. Aaron was to burn incense upon this Altar every morning and every evening. Incense symbolizes the prayers of the saints. This is to remind us that our "one a day" prayer lives are not enough.

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