September 27, 2017

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are in a real crisis. I’m asking all our friends to help spread the news of this great need. We need you more now than ever.     You can help now….. click here  to donate to our Bible Project! Please share! Hope of Israel has been providing free, high quality New Testaments...
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Passover – In search of the blood atonement

August 20, 2017

      One spring evening many years ago, an old Jewish gentleman gave the following personal account to a meeting of fellow Hebrews.      “This is Passover week among you, my Jewish brethren, and as I sit here I was thinking how you will be observing it. You will have to put away...
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AGAINST A TWO STATE SOLUTION by then 28 year old Netanyahu

February 20, 2017

Incredible video – AGAINST A TWO STATE SOLUTION by then 28 year old Netanyahu. “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has long been recognized, even by his political opponents, as one of the Jewish state’s most skilled and articulate spokesmen. In 1978 after graduating from MIT, Netanyahu appeared on the American TV program “The Advocate”...
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Abba Eban – Historic 1967 Six Day War UN Speech

January 16, 2017

 Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Abba Eban,  had made a historic speech at the UN during the 1967 Six Day war, demonstrating Israel’s justification for defending itself by attacking Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. Listening to this speech gives more information about the Mideast conflict than a college education and regarding the real issues...
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Reasons Against The Two-State Solution

November 9, 2016

    From time to time we still hear about some misguided people crying out for a two-state solution in the Middle-East. This was a failed policy of convenience concocted during the Oslo Agreement and even before that time by the liberals who are all to ready to sell out Israel’s “promised land” to her...
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Daddy, why do we live in a cave?

October 20, 2016

Go ahead try to boycott Israel, you might as well live in a cave, because without the Jewish people there would not be much to enjoy in life as far as temporal things. Forget about: cell phones, Google, the polio vaccine, Dunkin Donuts,  the treatment for leukemia, the Theory of Relativity,  administering vaccination shots,  railroad-crossing signals,...
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Messianic Prophecy Fulfilled Isaiah 53

October 6, 2016

You well be able to listen to the greatest Messianic prophecy of the TANACH ( Old-Testament) which is Isaiah 53.  This prophecy was inspired by God  714 years before Christ Jesus first coming. Anybody that is seeking the truth with their whole heart will see clearly that this must be talking about Christ, the Messiah....
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September 8, 2016

Past and present day events are sometimes signs of the last days. In the past, the sun has displayed signs of its great power to destroy modern technology. During the prophesied seven-year Tribulation, the sun will be used as one of the signs of God’s judgment on the wicked people in this world. We do...
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No Such Thing as a “Gentile Church”

September 1, 2016

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A “GENTILE CHURCH”: Christ suffered and died to do away with all enmity and barriers between believers. Good men of God who mean well keep calling the church, the Gentile Church. We know it makes for good preaching or camp meeting shouting, but it is misguided. The church is made...
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HIBM Gift Store

August 3, 2016

View our gift shop. These hard to find items are our way of saying thank you for your donation to HIBM. Many people ask us what they can get for their Jewish friend as a gift, a a family member etc., now you need not search anymore. click here to go the HIBM GIFT STORE....
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