We Stand With Israel Rally!

God prepared a beautiful sunny day for us in Suwanee, Georgia. As Americans, we love Israel. They are God’s chosen people. Forty faithful people came out for the Israel rally and held Israeli flags and signs high with honor. God sent a light breeze so that the flags of Israel flowed gently in the wind. We are proud to be friends with Israel. We know that America has been blessed in the past because they have often stood for Israel when they were under attack by Satanic enemies. Across the world, people are speaking up for Israel. Those who oppose Israel will be brought to their knees by God! Our rally lasted about an hour and a half. We greeted people who passed by with a smile and a wave, in the name of Israel. Many people in cars drove by with their thumbs up or they honked their horns as a sign of approval. There were only a couple of people who cursed us.

Just as we were finishing up, a police car came up with blue lights flashing and sirens blasting. The policeman was kind, and he said that people complained that we were hitting cars with the flags of Israel. Of course, this was not true.

As we concluded the Israel rally, I saw a beautiful butterfly floating on the summer breeze. It was flying  just above the American flag and all of the flags of Israel. The butterfly reminded me about how Israel was born in a day in 1948. A butterfly transforms in stages. At first, it is a caterpillar, worm. The enemies of Israel would like to crush Israel like a worm. The caterpillar goes into a cocoon as if entering a casket. It seems that death has captured it. It appeared that Israel, as a nation, was dead forever. Through the centuries, Anti-Semitism was cast at the Jews trying to wipe them off the face of the earth. But, then the butterfly breaks forth in beauty and flies high into the sky. Israel will finally be free to fly high when the Messiah, Jesus, returns. He will rescue them from what appears to be certain annihilation by all the nations of the world. Stand strong Israel! Stand strong with Israel! We stand for Israel today and forever!

Please visit Hope Of Israel Baptist Mission Hibm on facebook often. We encourage you to hold a “We Stand For Israel Rally!” in your area. You can send your rally pictures and information in a message on facebook. Also, you can visit HIBM at Hopeofisrael.net. There are many exciting articles relating to Israel on the front page and in the archives. HIBM provides Hebrew – English New Covenant, Prophecy Editions for our Jewish friends all over the world. We encourage you to purchase many of these and give them to those Jews whom you meet. You can purchase items by going to the store from the front page of Hopeofisrael.net Also, you can donate money at the Hopeofisrael.net site that will be used to reach Jews all over the world! God will bless you!


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