Battle Of Armageddon Vultures and Horse

God will use flesh eating birds to clean the rotting, bloody flesh off of the dead bodies of humans and animals that are killed during the Battle of Armageddon. These birds are God’s Sanitation Engineers! For those of us who did not just get out of the crib, we call Sanitation Engineers trash collectors or garbage men! Of course, it is an important job to keep things clean. Most of us have heard the old saying, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness!” God certainly thinks it is important to be clean. When the prophecy was given about the Battle of Armageddon, it was also prophesied that there would be a bird clean up crew. There will be millions of soldiers from every nation killed in the Battle of Armageddon. Also, there will be many horses, camels, mules, and other animals dead. If these dead bodies were allowed to lay there too long, they would cause disease to spread like a plague. God will wisely call the birds to come and quickly feast on the dead, decaying bodies. These birds will drink blood until they feel drunk, and eat flesh until they are full! To the birds, it will seem like a grand feast at a wonderful party.

But, sadly, millions of dead soldiers, from every nation in the world, will leave their dead bodies behind. The perceived party will be over for them. Their souls and spirits will be instantly cast into the torments of the fires of Hell. What will seem to be an easy victory against the Jews in Israel will end in total defeat for them.

It is amazing how all of God’s creatures obey His commands without question. Balaam’s ass willingly became an ambassador for God when she spoke to the rebellious prophet. A whale became a policeman when it hunted down the runaway, rebellious Jonah. The whale also willingly kept Jonah in prison until his sentence was complete. The whale also became a taxi and delivered Jonah to the right address. A worm became a weed killer by God’s command. It killed a plant that Jonah cared more for than the souls of Nineveh who were headed for Hell. A raven became a food service deliverer for Elijah. God sent a lion to be an executioner of a disobedient prophet. God had Noah use a dove to be a news reporter after the flood. Quails became a fast food service to the children of Israel in the wilderness. But, man continues to rebel against God. This will all come to a climax in the Battle of Armageddon. Millions of soldiers will be slaughtered by King Jesus, the Messiah. Birds obey God when mankind refuses to obey. Birds have a bird brain, but men often have hearts of stone. The birds will obey God and become Sanitation Engineers to clean up dead bodies from the Battle of Armageddon!

It appears that God in multiplying the flesh eating bird population in Israel at a flying pace. When it is time, there will be enough birds ready to fulfill the prophecy for the Battle of Armageddon clean up. Even though such birds as the vulture, and others, were declared as an abomination for Jews to eat in the Old Covenant, Jews in the last several years have become very caring for these unclean birds.

Leviticus 11:13-14 “And these are they which ye shall have in abomination among the fowls; they shall not be eaten, they are an abomination: the eagle, and the ossifrage, and the ospray, 14 And the vulture, and the kite after his kind;”

This is a partial list of the flesh eating birds that will be God’s Sanitation Engineers for the Battle of Armageddon. It is very likely that God has put it into the hearts of Jews to care for these birds because the time until the Battle of Armageddon is short. It will happen near the end of the prophesied seven-year Tribulation.

“Colonies of griffon vultures can be found in northern Israel and in the Golan Heights, where a large colony breeds in the Carmel Mountains, the Negev desert and especially at Gamla, where reintroduction projects are being carried out at breeding centers in the Carmel and Negev.” (1)

It seems that the Israeli people have developed an affection for the vultures/buzzards of Israel. In the past, many vultures have been harmed by poisonous meat. Israel has a program called “Spreading Wings” to help protect and increase the vulture program. At least, 20 feeding and nesting stations have been set up for the vultures in Israel. Scientific methods have been developed so that vultures that cannot fly are able to mate.

Before Israel became a nation in 1948, the bird population was almost nonexistent in the desert conditions of the land of Israel. Since the Jews returned to Israel, God has increased the rainfall so that vegetation increased for food and nesting. Also, when the Jews retook possession of their land, they developed it for both human and animal life. They continually put in trees, plants, and they have a water system that brought birds back to Israel in abundance. Farming of all kinds has also provided fruits, vegetables and grains for the birds. Vultures of various kinds are having more babies than ever before in Israel. There are many different kinds of flesh eating birds in Israel.

“Accipitridae is a family of birds of prey, which includes hawks, eagles, kites, harriers and Old World vultures. These birds have powerful hooked beaks for tearing flesh from their prey, strong legs, powerful talons and keen eyesight. There are 233 species worldwide and 34 species which occur in Israel.

European honey buzzard, Pernis apivorus

Crested honey buzzard, Pernis ptilorhynchus

Black-shouldered kite, Elanus caeruleus (A)

Red kite, Milvus milvus (A)

Black kite, Milvus migrans

White-tailed eagle, Haliaeetus albicilla

Lammergeier, Gypaetus barbatus (A)

Egyptian vulture, Neophron percnopterus

Eurasian griffon, Gyps fulvus

Cinereous vulture, Aegypius monachus

Lappet-faced vulture, Torgos tracheliotus

Short-toed snake eagle, Circaetus gallicus

Bateleur, Terathopius ecaudatus (A)

Western marsh harrier, Circus aeruginosus

Northern harrier, Circus cyaneus

Pallid harrier, Circus macrourus

Montagu’s harrier, Circus pygargus

Dark chanting-goshawk, Melierax metabates (A)

Shikrs, Accipiter badius (A)

Levant sparrowhawk, Accipiter brevipes

Eurasian sparrowhawk, Accipiter nisus

Northern goshawk, Accipiter gentilis

Eurasian buzzard, Buteo buteo

Long-legged buzzard, Buteo rufinus

Rough-legged buzzard, Buteo lagopus (A)

Lesser spotted eagle, Aquila pomarina

Greater spotted eagle, Aquila clanga

Tawny eagle, Aquila rapax (A)

Steppe eagle, Aquila nipalensis

Imperial eagle, Aquila heliaca

Golden eagle, Aquila chrysaetos

Verreaux’s eagle, Aquila verreauxii (A)

Bonelli’s eagle, Aquila fasciatus

Booted eagle, Aquila pennatus” (2)

Israel has over 500 species of birds that live there all of the time, and many that migrate to Israel. Israel is a crossroads for birds going to and from Asia, Europe, and Africa. Millions of birds fly across Israel twice a year. God has made Israel a great place for breeding birds. He has put it into the hearts of the Israelites to make sure the breeding grounds are enhanced for vultures and other flesh eating birds by protecting and feeding them.

This great supper for the birds will take place during the Battle of Armageddon and after it is over. Since there will be so much fighting going on during the Battle of Armageddon, there may only be a skeleton crew of birds working during that time. God’s full department of Sanitation Bird Engineers will be on the clean up job for sure when the Battle of Armageddon is over. Soldiers from all over the world will be gathered in Israel to kill all the Jews. But when the seventh angel pours out his vial, a voice from the temple of Heaven will say, “It is done”.  The Battle of Armageddon will be the final war before Jesus, the Messiah sets up His 1,000 year kingdom of peace on Earth. The Jews will finally have peace in their own land.

Revelation 16:16-17 “And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. 17 And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done.”

You can read chapter 19 of Revelation to see the amazing ending to all of those who continue to defy God. We would like to see everyone saved, but we know that millions will reject Jesus before and at the Battle of Armageddon. We encourage you to repent and believe on Jesus before you become bird food in Israel at the Battle of Armageddon.

Revelation 19:17,18 “And I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God; 18 That ye may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of captains, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all men, both free and bond, both small and great.”

An angel with a loud voice will call the birds to come to supper in Israel. Apparently, the birds will understand the angel. They will drop whatever they are doing and head to the battle fields of Armageddon. The angel will tell the birds that God is great. These birds will understand that God is about to feed them. It is a shame that people do not understand how great God is. If they did, they would all repent and believe on Jesus. God is so great that He provided salvation as a free gift to those who ask for it properly. The birds will follow the directions of the angel without the help of Mapquest or a GPS. They will gather at the right place and at the right time, Revelation 19:17.

There will be many types of people from all over the world at the Battle of Armageddon. There will be kings, presidents, emperors, generals, captains, privates, mighty men, free men and men under bondage. There will be rich people and poor people in the Battle of Armageddon. The birds will be told to eat all of these dead enemies of Israel. There will also be many horses. Many people say this is just symbolic of tanks and trucks etc. Do you really believe that an angel is going to tell the birds to eat tanks and trucks? That certainly would be a miracle. Even if they could eat metal, they would be too heavy to fly after eating that heavy metal meal. No, it is not going to be a war fought with only tanks and trucks. But, it is possible that there will be no modern equipment at the Battle of Armageddon. Horses and other animals will be used by the soldiers to move through the rough terrain caused by earthquakes. Horses can carry soldiers over mountains where a tank or truck cannot travel, Revelation 19:18.

Revelation 19:21 “And the remnant were slain with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, which sword proceeded out of his mouth: and all the fowls were filled with their flesh.”

None of the enemies of Israel and God will get away. Jesus will slay every last one of them. The birds will obey God and fill their bellies until they cannot eat another bite, Revelation 19:21.

If you have already put your trust in Jesus for salvation, you will not be here during the seven-year prophesied Tribulation as an enemy of Israel and God. But, you will come back with Jesus when He fights Israel’s enemies in the Battle of Armageddon. You can be on the winning side if you repent and believe on Jesus before it is too late. It is better to feast in Heaven at the marriage supper of the Lamb than to be a feast at the supper of our great God. The flesh eating birds multiplying is a sign of prophecy nearing fulfillment. Are you looking for Jesus to return or are you waiting for the birds at the Battle of Armageddon? The signs of the times are pointing everyone to Jesus, as Saviour!

HIBM Editorial by Avi Goldstein * Battle Of Armageddon Sanitation Engineers! – Dr. K. Daniel Fried, Editor in Chief – copyright © 2015

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