Israel's New Government 2015

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, completed the formation of a governing coalition on Wednesday, May 6th, 2015! Our congratulation goes out to him and the citizens of Israel. He had to have a majority coalition government from the 120 seat parliament. He was able to get 61 members of the parliament to agree to form a government with him. The deadline for forming an Israeli government was fast approaching when Netanyahu announced that he was successful. If Netanyahu had failed to form a coalition for the government, he would have lost his chance to be the Prime Minister.

With such a narrow majority, Prime Minister Netanyahu could have a hard time pushing important issues through the parliament. He could also be faced with problems if some of his members decide to abandon the government that he is forming. Netanyahu promised to form a strong and stable government for Israel. He said that he would work hard to get other members of parliament to join his new government. Our hopes is that the other parties in the coalition and other members of the Knesset will put aside minor issues, and stand behind any polices that will protect the peace and safety of Israel’s citizens!

“‘Sixty-one is a good number, and 61-plus is an even better number,’ he [Netanyahu] said. ‘But it starts at 61 and we will begin. We have a lot of work ahead of us.’” (1)

Netanyahu is the leading member of the Likud Party. Since the citizens of Israel did not vote in a majority from the Likud Party, Netanyahu was forced to encourage other parties to join him to achieve a majority. This can potentially lead to conflict if other party members of the new government push a different agenda than what Netanyahu has in mind for the well-being of Israel.

Israel’s current allies, such as the United States, will very likely oppose the policies of the new Israel government. The new government will be dominated with very conservative leaders. Most of them favor the citizens of Israel building new homes in the West Bank. The Jewish Home Party who joined Netanyahu’s new government is very much in favor of new home construction. Also, the majority of the new government opposes a peace agreement with the Palestinians. The majority also oppose a two-state solution.

The current head administration of the United States government has been pushing the government of Israel to stop building new homes in the West Bank. The United States government top leaders also want Israel to reach a peace agreement with the Arabs, who they call Palestinians. The top leaders in the United States are pushing Israel hard for what they call a two-state solution.

Those who believe the Bible understand that the citizens of Israel have every right to build homes in the West Bank. All of this land is the Promised Land that God gave to Abraham and his descendants through Isaac, not Ishmael. True allies of Israel will back them on building new homes anywhere in the Promised Land. Also, it is apparent that a lasting peace agreement cannot be reached as long as there are Muslim terrorists who want to attack the Jews in Israel. The Anti-Christ will make a seven-year peace agreement in the future. But, even the seven-year peace agreement will fall apart in the middle of the seven years. When the Messiah comes near the end of the seven-year Tribulation, He will finally bring peace to Israel. A two-state solution will never work because God gave all of the Promised Land to the Jews, not the Arabs. There is a vast amount of land all around the Promised Land for the Arabs to live in. When Gaza Strip was given to the Arabs, crimes against the Jews of Israel increased. In fact, deadly attacks increased so much until the Jews were forced to attack the Gaza Strip to slow them down.

 The citizens of Israel can be thankful that the opposing political party did not win the majority. It would have been a disaster for the peace and safety of Israel. The liberal parties had loudly proclaimed that they would go along with a two-state solution. This would have been an opportunity for the enemies of Israel to legally move next door so that they could carry out more terrorist attacks against the Jews.

Some of the government officials of the United States and other nations of the United Nations are betraying their ally friendship with Israel. It is wrong for them to push Israel into a false peace agreement with the Arabs. It is also very wrong for Israel’s allies to push Israel into accepting a faulty two-state solution. A two-state solution goes against God and His chosen people the Jews. If the allies of Israel continue to push Israel to do wrong, they are asking for trouble from God. We all need to pray for the peace and safety of Israel. We need to encourage the allies of Israel to quit putting pressure on Israel to sign a faulty peace agreement, and quit putting pressure on Israel to accept a false two-state solution. Instead, the allies of Israel should be telling the Arab occupiers that they need to move off the land that belongs to Israel, as stated in God’s warranty deed, in the Bible.

HIBM Editorial by Avi Goldstein * Israel New Conservative Government 2015! – Dr. K. Daniel Fried, Editor in Chief – copyright © 2015

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