Will You Stand With Israel

Will You Stand With Israel?

***** U R G E N T ***** PLEASE ACT QUICKLY ****  CALLING UP HOPE OF ISRAEL MINUTEMEN: We are organizing rallies all across the States in support of Israel starting this new week. Please, we urge you to get your church people involved and go out at least one day this week for at least one hour or more and hold up the Israeli flag, and/or “We Stand With Israel Signs”, and pass out tracts to reach the Jewish people while helping others to be Pro-Israel.

Israel is under attack like never before in our lifetime, we as Bible Believing Baptist must rally to her defense, we just can’t sit idle and do nothing – we are really the only real friends they have, so please do something this week, THIS month, next month – but please do something!!!  Preaching, Praying is great and needed – but we must do something as well!! We must be a doer not just a hearer!! If there is nothing else you can do, buy a flag and put it in your yard, church, walk with it to the store etc etc…


FLAGS FOR RALLIES: You can buy inexpensive large and hand held flags at these Web sites – mention Hope of Israel and ask for Kelly at http://www.unflags.com/israel3.html , the 12×18 flags on poles work great for rallies, and the little stick flags are good for children.


CHURCH FLAGS FOR ISRAEL: for higher quality and longer lasting, and larger flags see here = http://www.cvsflags.com/zion.cfm . If you mention Hope of Israel at the CVSflags you will get a discount, contact 1-800-950-4061 extension #159 or ask for Stephane to get your discount.


SIGNS “WE STAND WITH ISRAEL”  We would suggest to go  to http://www.magneticscripturesigns.com/israel.html.   If you need help in organizing a rally we can help you.


TRACTS / BOOKLETS:   You can order “Love the Jewish People” tracts that we edited from http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/1000/1000_01.asp It offers Jewish people our free Prophecy Editon Hebrew/English New-Testaments. A GREAT CRASH COURSE BOOKLET on the middle east conflict is “Don’t Mess with Israel” = http://www.biblebaptistpublications.org/israeljews.html

If you are doing a rally or will be on the street corner holding up flags etc, or doing something for Israel this or next month, please take pictures and share them with us and others. You can contact Dr. Fried at office@hibm.net if you need future assistance.



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