Altar Boys Two Fold Child Of Hell

The teaching of the Catholic Church damns many people to Hell. Leaders in the Catholic Church twist Scriptures until they can no longer be recognized as God’s Word. The Catholic Church also uses a corrupt, perverted translation of the Scriptures that adds to and takes away the true words of the Scriptures given by God. Tradition, customs, and ceremonies that contradict the Scriptures are taught to innocent children by the Catholic Church. Catholic followers are taught to reject the true teaching of God’s Word. As Jesus said, this is the type of religion that makes people, “twofold more the child of hell”!

The picture in this article shows Catholic altar boys. Altar boys are used to perform various duties during Catholic Mass. Catholic Mass is when the falsely perceived body and blood of Jesus is received, in communion, by the Catholic followers in the Catholic Church. It has been said that if the Catholic Church can have control of children until the age of six then they will control them for life. Of course, we know that sometimes devoted Catholics get truly born again and leave the corrupt Catholic Church. But, many of them are damned to Hell because they are hooked for life by the heresy that they have been taught as a child. The Catholic Church has a strong-hold over those children who serve as altar boys. Because of their participation in religious Catholic ceremonies, they often have a strong loyalty, for life, to the Catholic harlot. It may be twice as hard for them to flee the false teaching of the Catholic Church and truly get saved. Like Jesus said, “ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.”

Likewise, many Jewish people are taught by some Jewish leaders to twist the Scriptures. In many synagogues, the need for the Saviour is cast aside by the rabbi. Instead of teaching the need for Jesus as Saviour, the rabbis teach the Jewish people to follow traditions, customs, and ceremonies. When traditions, customs, and ceremonies add to or take away from the Scriptures, they originate from the pits of Hell.

Matthew 23:15 “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.”

Jesus told the scribes and Pharisees that they were guilty of getting people to believe in a false religion that leads to Hell. Their salvation plan is based on good works and perverted teachings of the Scripture instead of repentance and believing on Jesus to be saved. They may look good on the outside but inside they are sinners headed for the torments of Hell.

Many Jewish people, including children, are taught to mistrust and even hate those who are called Christians. They especially mistrust the followers of the Catholic Church who call themselves Christians. But, the truth is that those Catholics who faithfully follow the false teachings of the Catholic Church are neither Christians nor true Bible believers. Persecution by the Jewish people has been mild in comparison to what the Catholic Church has committed against the Jews and true Bible believers. Many Jews have come to love and appreciate Bible believing Christians who are Baptist. Down through time, Bible believing Baptist has defended the lives and Biblical rights of the Jewish people.

The Catholic Church drills their lies into the children so much that these young Catholic followers do not trust those who are truly saved by repentance and belief on Jesus as Saviour. In fact, many of those who are dedicated to the evil Catholic Church have an outright hate for true believers in Jesus. The Catholic Church’s hatred for Jews and true Bible believing Christians was violently displayed during the Dark Ages and beyond. Millions of Jews, true Christians, and others were tortured and murdered by the Catholic Church. This bloody display of hatred by the Catholic Church was done in the name of “Christianity”. But their Christianity was not Christian whatsoever. This hatred for those who do not believe the false teachings of the Catholic Church still exists in our modern times. But, this hatred is often disguised by false hugs and kisses from Pope Francis and other heretics of the Catholic Church. Innocent children have been made, “twofold more the child of Hell”.

The following true story, which includes mild persecution, illustrates the hatred expressed by Catholic Children towards true Christians:

Porcupine Hunting

Lost In Porcupine Forest!

Written by Jacob Israel

“Childhood friends sometimes become our enemies as we grow older and wiser. When I was in the ninth grade, I had what was considered to be a best friend. We hung around each other at school and after school. He and I went on many adventures together. In fact, he invited me to go hunting up in the northern woods of our state. His family was devout hunters. They had a cabin nestled deep in the forest. I packed my sleeping bag and other equipment for our week-long hunting trip. Most importantly, I had my 20-gage shot gun and ammo. We loaded our gear into the car and headed north for a great hunt. It was near dark when we turned down a rugged, lumber mill road going deep into the dense, green forest. Just before dark, we arrived at their red, cedar, log cabin. The kerosene lanterns were quickly lit and seasoned oak wood was put into the wood stove. We ate a delicious supper cooked on the black, iron, potbelly, wood stove and chatted about the hunting adventures of the next day. Early the next morning, at the crack of dawn, we headed out into the woods to find hiding porcupine. For my friends, it meant meat for their freezer, but to me, it was a fun sporting adventure. We decided to go in different directions to see who could bring back the biggest porcupine. The challenge was on! The family warned me to make sure that I take my compass and not to go too far from the cabin. They said that the forest covered an area of about 100 miles. In some directions, there were no houses for a long ways. As a trained Boy Scout, I had my compass. I walked a little ways from the cabin and set my course as to what direction to come back to the cabin that evening. I knew that porcupines often hide high up in the bushy, green, northern pines. As I maneuvered quietly through the deep forest, I was constantly staring into the tall pines. I came across a big porcupine relaxing up in one of the tall pines. With careful aim, I pulled my trigger and the giant porcupine fell dead at my feet. I thought, surely I would be the winner of our adventure for bringing back the biggest porcupine. I loaded the porcupine into my backpack. The sun started to set behind the trees. I knew it was time to head back to the cabin. I pulled out my compass to get my bearings. To my astonishment, my new, golden compass was spinning around like a top, and it would not stop. I was not sure which way to go. Therefore, I started out moving quickly through the forest in the direction where I thought the cabin was located. The sleepy sun quickly sank behind the tall, spreading trees so that I was no longer sure where the sun, setting in the west, was. I was wading through a shallow, water pond and I stopped for a moment and prayed, asking God to show me the way back. Just as I finished my prayer, I heard a chainsaw start. The sound of the saw was coming from behind me. I turned around and listened intently to determine the direction of the noisy chainsaw. Before hearing it, I had been headed in the opposite direction from the running chainsaw. But, I still was not sure if the chainsaw noise was coming from the direction of the cabin. I followed the guiding sound until I came to a narrow, dirt road. I approached an old man cutting trees by the road. He knew where the cabin was, a short distance away. I felt great relief to know that I had come in the right direction. When I arrived at the cabin, my friend and his family were nervously waiting for me. I told them that I had gotten lost and the direction that I was headed. They said that I was headed in a direction where there were no houses for many miles. They explained to me that sometimes metal in the ground messes up compasses. They were glad to see me and I was glad to see them. I won the porcupine contest. That night, my friends ate porcupine. They said it tasted like country fried chicken! I silently said a little prayer of thanks for God leading me in the right direction by the chainsaw.

At the end of the week of the hunting adventure, we went back home. A few months later, God began to speak to my heart about telling my friend and his family about Jesus. One day after school, I was at their house. Of course, I also liked going there because I had a schoolboy crush on my friend’s two sisters. I spoke with my friend’s mom and his sisters about Jesus. His mom became very angry and said that they did not need me telling them about religion. She said that they were Catholic and they did not need any religious advice from me. My friend came into the room and began to curse me. He got close to my face and demanded that I get out of their house right now. I rushed toward the door with my friend close behind me. He followed me down the driveway cursing me and saying to never come back to their house again.  As I left, I told him that I only tried to talk to his family about religion because a true friend will warn those whom he cares about, of danger. Jesus had showed me the truth of salvation and I did not want his family to miss it.

I later thought about how many people have a religious compass that is either spinning around out of control or it is pointing them in the wrong direction. Just as I was lost in the deep woods of the north, many people are spiritually lost in a dead, dense religion. Those who know Jesus can be like a compass to point the lost to God. God wants to point people to Heaven through the prophecies about Jesus! I was lost but Jesus found me and I followed Him. My friend and his family were lost but they refused to follow the compass of the Scriptures to Jesus.

The rest of that school year, my friend never spoke to me again. He and his family had become my enemies. It was fall and time for porcupine hunting again. Of course, I was no longer invited. I was considered to be an enemy of the family. That year, the whole family, including the mother and daughters, went to their cabin in the deep, northern woods. A week later, I was told that the whole family died of carbon monoxide poising from their wood stove. Somehow, the chimney pipe to the wood stove had gotten stopped up. If my friend had not become my enemy, most likely I would have suffered their deadly fate. I was sorry that my friend had become my enemy, but I was glad that I did not die that fall. I was also sorry that my friend and his family probably died without knowing Jesus in a personal way, as I do. I now realize that you should try to be kind and friendly to everyone, but not everyone can be your friend. True friends are those who want to hear and follow the truth of the Scriptures. But, we must love our enemies, just as God loves those who are His enemies. My friend did not treat me nearly as bad as the people of Nineveh had treated the Jews. But, an enemy is still an enemy.” (1)

Do not be a two fold child of Hell, like the Catholic friend appeared to be in the story “Lost In Porcupine Forest”. If you are trapped in a false religion, we encourage you to repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour. Call on Jesus today in prayer and ask Him to save you.

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(1) Israel: A People And Place Of God’s Promises!
Written by Jacob Israel
Two Fold A Child Of Hell!
Porcupine Hunting In A Pine Tree Forest!
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