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September 15, 2012

READ THIS FROM FOX NEWS: Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who was originally sentenced to death in his native country for his Christian faith, was acquitted of apostasy charges and released from custody. Nadarkhani, 32, was imprisoned for three years and waiting execution for refusing to renounce his Christian faith. His charges were lowered to evangelizing to Muslims,...
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Source: “Nuclear IRAN Already a Reality”

August 16, 2012
Source: “Nuclear IRAN Already a Reality”

HIBM Editorial by Nick Rosen For years now the world has watched as the Iranians have tinkered away at their goal of becoming a nuclear power.  Condemnations have been thrown back and forth, sanctions have been levied, but the Islamic Republic grows ever closer to achieving its goal.  The fact that Iran takes a...
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