Syrian Children Are Used In War & Terrorism

Martial law may be enforced world wide as a result of war, terrorist’s attacks, rioting, financial collapse, or natural disaster. When the Anti-Christ rules the world, it is very likely that martial law will be used to control the people of the world.

The boy in the picture is an eight year old boy who is fighting in the Syrian Civil War. He coldly talked with a news reporter about how he has killed many of the enemy soldiers. Notice how he holds his gun and smokes a cigarette like an adult. The Syrian boy said that he enjoyed being a soldier. Not once did this Syrian, child soldier smile. His innocence was completely gone. After this boy is no longer a soldier, he may be a potential refugee terrorist. Do you want a brainwashed child like this to be your neighbor and play with your kids? Our prayers are that misled children, like this Syrian boy, find the truth before it is too late! In the future, terrorist attacks carried out by Syrian refugees could lead to Martial law across the world.

According to a legal dictionary, martial law is “The exercise of government and control by military authorities over the civilian population of a designated territory.

Martial law is an extreme and rare measure used to control society during war or periods of civil unrest or chaos.

To a varying extent, depending on the martial law order, government military personnel have the authority to make and enforce civil and criminal laws. Certain civil liberties may be suspended, such as the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, freedom of association, and freedom of movement. And the writ of Habeas Corpus may be suspended (this writ allows persons who are unlawfully imprisoned to gain freedom through a court proceeding).” (1)

Since the President of the United States is considered to be over the military, he has the power to declare martial law on a national level. Congress also has the power to declare martial law. President Abraham Lincoln declared marital law, in the United States, in 1861 during the Civil War.

In 1941, the governor of Hawaii declared martial law in Hawaii after Perl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese. As a result, military was put in charge of the state. Many Japanese were imprisoned and others were put under a curfew. Japanese in Hawaii were considered to be a threat to the other citizens of Hawaii because of the attack from Japan.

It is very possible that martial law could be enforced and used against certain people in our modern times. For example, officials in the United States government have issued a warning that those people who believe that Jesus is their Saviour are a potential threat to the safety of the United States. The government calls these Bible believers “evangelical Christians”. Soldiers in the military are being trained about the dangers of various groups of people to the United States. Soldiers in the U.S. military have been told that the number one threat to America is evangelical Christians. They are considered a bigger threat than the Muslim Brotherhood, KKK, Nation of Islam, al-Qaida, Hamas and others. In this military training, soldiers were also told that Catholicism and ultra-orthodox Judaism are also religious extremist, who are potential threats.

But, the truth is that those who truly repent and believe on the Lord Jesus as their Saviour are the only ones who may persuade God not to judge the United States for its wickedness. Born again believers are no threat to the United States. These true believers are not going to march on Washington and take the government over by force. In fact, these loyal, God fearing citizens pray for the salvation, and protection of the people of the United States. This false perception of true Christians being a threat may be used in the future to track down Christians to either imprison them or murder them.

Martial Law In Terrorist Attack

Since the attacks on the Twin Towers, by Muslim terrorists, in 2001, terrorist attacks have continually increased around the world. Israel has faced constant terrorist attacks since it became a nation again in 1948. As a result of the terrorist attacks by Muslim terrorists, Israel has been under martial law or similar conditions for the majority of the time since its rebirth in 1948.

The civil war in Syria has increased the threat of terrorist attacks by Muslim terrorists around the world. Millions of Muslim Syrians are fleeing to other nations as refugees because they are being persecuted by the Syrian government. There appears to be evidence that the Syrian government tortures and kills any Syrian citizens who oppose them. There are two different factions of Muslims in Syria. The Shiite Muslims who are in the minority control the government and the military. The Sunni Muslims are in the majority. The civil war in Syria appears to be caused by a two-fold reason. First, the government is mistreating many the Syrian citizens. The other reason for the civil war in Syria is because the Sunni Muslims and the Shiite Muslims do not get along with each other.  Syrian President Assad belongs to the Muslim Shiite sect. This explains why multitudes of the Sunni majority are fleeing the country.

Many of the Shiite and Sunni Muslims from Syria are fleeing to countries who are already dominated by their particular Muslim sect. Sunni Muslims have been welcomed into Turkey and Jordan which are both dominated by Sunni Muslims. Shiite Muslims can flee to Iran and parts of Lebanon that are dominated by Shiite Muslims.

Islam Will Dominate

It is claimed that many of these Muslims leaving Syria are just looking for a better opportunity. As you can see in the picture above, Muslims are not looking for friends they are looking for converts. If you refuse to convert to Islam, they plan to murder you. Europe is being flooded with those who are leaving Syria. Many Muslims have entered countries in Europe illegally. It has been discovered that multitudes of passports held by those entering Europe are fake passports. German customs officers have seized packages containing false Syrian passports. Some of those entering Europe claiming to be Syrian refugees fleeing persecution are not even from Syria. But, they are using Syrian passports. Thousands of Muslim men are showing up in Europe claiming to be refugees from Syria. This is an apparent lie! Why would they leave their wives and children in Syria? Many of these Muslim men are on a mission to terrorize the world.

Paris was attacked by some of these so called Muslim refugees on Friday, November 13, 2015. 129 innocent people were murdered by Muslims as a result of shootings and bombings in six different locations in France. At the Bataclan Theater, hostages were taken and executed by the Muslim terrorists. It was described by some eyewitnesses as a bloodbath. At least one of the terrorists who attacked in Paris was discovered to have a Syrian passport. The president of France has declared a state of emergency. Soldiers have been put in place all across France to protect its citizens against more Muslim terrorist attacks.

All across Europe Muslims are fighting each other in the refugee camps and they are attacking those who have taken them in. These Muslims from Syria cannot be trusted. It is like the dog that bites the hand that feeds them. Yes, we feel sorry for the children. But, many of these children will be encouraged to become terrorists against the people of the nations where they go.

Background checks to see if a particular Muslim is a terrorist does not work. As stated, fake passports are being used. Even passport experts are having a hard time identifying fake passports. Many Muslim terrorists have already slipped into Europe. Before the attack on the World Trade Center, the ringleader behind this terrorist attack in the United States was put back on the street, even though he was found with a fake passport. How can background checks on Muslims be trusted when even a warning about the Boston Marathon bombers was ignored? Do we really want to take the chance of letting Muslim terrorists into our countries?

Thirty state governors in the United States are against accepting Syrian refugees into their state. The words, “Muslim terrorist threat”, are written on the wall, but many government officials in the United States and other nations of the world are failing to take heed to the warning.

Some top government officials in the United States plan to allow 10,000 refugees to enter the United States in 2016. In 2017, they plan to allow 100,000 refugees to enter the United States. Most of these, so called, refugees will probably be Muslims. Any of them may be potential terrorists.

ISIS and other Muslim terrorists will find many recruits among the Muslims who are seeking refuge around the world. Some people call ISIS an extremist, terrorist, Muslim group. But, ISIS Muslim members are simply following the Quran, other Muslim teachings, and Mohammad to the letter. They are more dedicated to the religion of Islam. As they convince Muslims around the world to join their unholy cause, terrorist attacks are likely to increase. If terrorist attacks increase in the United States and other nations, it is very likely that those nations will fall under martial law declared by their president or other leaders. ISIS claims that they already have Muslim terrorists in place in every state of the United States. Syria has been a breeding ground for ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist groups. We are headed for great danger if we welcome, with open arms, those fleeing Syria. Sadly, it is in the nature of many Muslim Arabs to be wild. They attack each other constantly, and they attack those who refuse to convert to Islam. These Muslim Arabs are truly descendants of wild Ishmael.

Genesis 16:11-12 “And the angel of the LORD said unto her, Behold, thou art with child, and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael; because the LORD hath heard thy affliction. 12 And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.”

Martial law may also be declared world-wide in the near future as a result of a global economic crash. If the economy were to crash across the world, it would likely result in riots, theft, and murders. Food would likely be in short supply. Martial law could be declared world-wide in an effort to bring the chaos under control.

Nazi Death Camps

Sometimes martial law is used by a corrupt government to put in place their evil agenda. This happened when Hitler rose to world power. He used a form of martial law to hunt down Jews and other people who he said were less than human. Many Jews and other innocent people suffered and were murdered in these inhuman Nazi, German death camps.

Hitler was able to enforce martial law as a result of a German government building being set on fire and other perceived terrorist attacks:

“Seizing on the burning of the Reichstag building as the supposed opening salvo in a communist uprising, the Nazis were able to throw millions of Germans into a convulsion of fear at the threat of Communist terror. The official account stated:

The burning of the Reichstag was intended to be the signal for a bloody uprising and civil war. Large-scale pillaging in Berlin was planned for as early as four o’clock in the morning on Tuesday. It has been determined that starting today throughout Germany acts of terrorism were to begin against prominent individuals, against private property, against the lives and safety of the peaceful population, and general civil war was to be unleashed…” (2)

As is normal with martial law, most freedom is taken away from the citizens who are under martial law. The Reichstag Fire Decree in Germany basically put martial law into place. The following freedoms were taken away as Hitler rose to world power:

“The decree invoked the president’s power under Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution, which allowed him to take any appropriate measure to remedy dangers to public safety without the prior consent of the Reichstag. It consisted of six articles. Article 1 indefinitely suspended most of the civil liberties set forth in the Weimar Constitution, including habeas corpus, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, the right of free association and public assembly, the secrecy of the post and telephone, not to mention the protection of property and the home. Articles 2 and 3 allowed the Reich government to assume powers normally reserved for the federal states. Articles 4 and 5 established draconian penalties for certain offenses, including the death penalty for arson to public buildings. Article 6 simply stated that the decree took effect on the day of its proclamation.” (3)

Martial Law America

There is evidence that the military is preparing for martial law in America. In 2015, military exercises were conducted on how to handle urban warfare. Exercises were even conducted on how to hunt down dissident people and capture them. This eight week military exercise was called Jade Helm.

There are several things that would potentially happen if martial law was declared in America or other nations: In America, the U. S. Constitution would be suspended. In other countries, their normal guides for laws would be suspended. All rights of citizens would be taken away. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly would no longer exist. You could be arrested for assembling at church or anywhere else. You could potentially be arrested for anything. During the time of the martial law, the military would be in control and enforce any laws as they choose. Armed troops, curfews, and checkpoints would likely be in place. If the martial law lasts long enough, authorities would go house to house taking firearms, ammunition, and food supplies.

It is possible that during an enforced martial law anyone considered a threat by those in charge would be rounded up and put in prison. In 1980, the federal government had a list of 8 million names who they considered a potential threat to national security. This list was known as Main Core. This national security threat list is probably much bigger now. Technology is being used to watch and listen to people.

In October of 2015, Europeans were trying desperately to get guns for their personal protection. In November, in Sweden, a weapons cache was found at a Swedish migrant center. Apparently, there are plans by those leaving their countries, such as Syria, to attack those who take them into their nation. If one weapons cache was found, it makes us wonder how many have not been found. Without guns, law abiding citizens would not be able to protect their homes and families from thieves and murderers. Law enforcement usually gets to the crime scene after harm has been done to the innocent. The recent terrorist attack in France could have been prevented or at least lessened if qualified people had guns to protect the innocent people assembled there.

Children of the Holocaust

Many Muslims would like to murder Jews, just like Hitler did in the past. Israel is surrounded by Muslims who are their sworn enemies. Syria is a sworn enemy of the Jews in Israel. There is always a potential threat from Syrian terrorists crossing the border to attack Jews in Israel. The Israel Defense Force has to be constantly on guard to protect the citizens of Israel. Israel has been a long time friend to the United States. We need to realize that an enemy of our Jewish friends in Israel should be our enemy too. Martial law is very possible in America if we continue to invite Syrian refugees into our nation.

Jews have showed kindness to Syrians many times. Once, Syrians wanted to do harm to the Jews, and God blinded them. Elisha, the Jewish prophet, was also protected by many angels. The Jews could have killed the Syrians, but instead the Jews spared the Syrians lives, 2 Kings 6:8-23.

Naaman was a Syrian captain who had leprosy. His wife had a Jewish servant girl who the Syrians had captured in war against Israel. This Jewish girl told Naaman’s wife that Elisha, the Jewish prophet, could cure his leprosy. The Jewish girl showed him a kindness, by telling him this, even though the Syrian captain was her captor. Naaman went and found Elisha, the Jewish prophet. Elisha could have refused to help Naaman, but instead Elisha gave Naaman instructions on how to get rid of the leprosy, according to God’s plan. As a result of getting rid of the leprosy, Naaman gave God the glory. It is vital that people across the world repent of their sins and believe on Jesus as their Saviour. Call on Jesus today in a sinner’s prayer and ask Jesus to save you. We encourage Syrian refugees and other Muslims to trust in the true God. Jesus can bring peace into your troubled soul.

Martial law will likely take place world-wide during the prophesied seven-year Tribulation on Earth. There will be wars, famine, and financial collapse throughout the world. There will also be many supernatural judgments, such as earthquakes. The wicked people of the world will run wild in rebellion. The Anti-Christ will likely declare martial law. It will be enforced by his wicked armies. You can avoid this devastating time if you receive Jesus before the Tribulation begins.

HIBM Editorial by Avi Goldstein * Martial Law World Wide! – Dr. K. Daniel Fried, Editor in Chief – copyright © 2015

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