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How You Can Help . . .


Your support makes everything we do possible. If you can help in any way, we will be eternally grateful.
We can't do it without you!

Everyday The Hope Of Israel receives new requests for our Hebrew-English New Testaments from Jews all over the world. Each month we mail hundreds of Bibles and tens of thousands of Gospel tracts around the globe. We do it all at no charge!

It would be impossible for us to continue doing this without your help. We are financed entirely by support from like-minded churches and individual contributions, so we need your financial help as well. Your donation will allow us to continue to provide the free Bibles as well as other resources and programming that we do.  With your donation, you make a statement that says "I believe in the important work of The Hope Of Israel ."

The Lord has blessed Hope of Israel Baptist Mission with the following:

Over 150 outreaches in 45 countries.

Over 600 volutneer workers

Over 60 million tracts distributed

Over 150,000 Bibles being distributed free

1000s of Jews and Gentiles being saved.

Local churches are being established.

Bible & tract publishing and printing ministry

Radio Broadcasts HIBB


To win lost Jewish souls for Christ while never neglecting the opportunity to reach out to Gentiles. It is evident from God's word that local churches have the responsibility to evangelize the chosen people of Israel. It is every Christians duty as a debtor to the Jewish people to "provoke them to jealousy" (Romans 11:11), and to "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem" (Psalms 122:6).

As we approach the coming of our Lord, it is essential that we sow the gospel seed now, that God might save many Jews before “Jacobs Trouble. This sowing will produce fruit even after the Rapture, when at the end of the Tribulation period “all Israel shall be saved" ( Rom 11:26 )


Of evangelizing the Chosen People, is threefold:

1) Our burden and activities to reach the Jew should never conflict or compromise with our steadfastness in contending "for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints" (Jude 3). That is, by God's Grace we will not succumb to worldly, newevangelical, pseudo-fundamental, or ecumenical means to win souls for Christ.

2) Establishing solid local churches in Jewish populated areas; Godly means to be used such as door to door Visitation; Visits to the synagogue; Free distribution of literature through mailing lists; Free Bibles offered to individual Jewish contacts; Radio broadcasting; news paper ads, and Special evangelistic meetings. All methods must have a supreme goal and motivation of seeking a one on one witness with a Jewish person. 3) It is our firm conviction that all ministries, including The Hope of Israel Baptist Mission, be a ministry of a Bible believing sound local church. The problem prevalent today among so-called "Missions" is their unscriptural autonomy away from the local church authority

The Hope of Israel - VISION

Thus, our great Vision is to see the gospel sown among all the children of Israel with whom we come into contact. "With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible" (Matt 19:26).

Much time, tears, and labor are devoted to this ministry. However, the field is white unto harvest, but the laborers are few.

Another aspect to our vision is that workers might come to help with this ministry. You might say there are no Jews around where you live, so how can I evangelize the Jew, the Apple of God's eye"? You may start in several ways:

1) Begin daily to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, asking God to give you a great burden and love for His Chosen people Israel. In such a prayer of supplication, cry out to the Lord for an opportunity to meet a Jewish person. We have seen in the past where God will bring them from another area (perhaps on a bus or train or maybe because of a business trip), and draw such a one to a God fearing saint, who loves the Jew.

2) As God leads you, support and earnestly pray for The Hope of Israel Baptist Mission. Intreat your pastor to consider having us present our ministry and burden at your church. We desire like-minded churches to help this ministry.

3) If God is moving your heart personally to reach the Jewish people as a ministry, then please contact us. If there are Jews in your area, we will assist you and your local church to begin your own concentrated effort in evangelization of the children of Israel with our very effective minuteman mailing programs.

Perhaps you are being called by the Lord into full-time missionary work amongest the Jews. Let us know !

The Hope of Israel Baptist Mission is different than most "Missions" in that it seeks to assist other like-minded churches to establish their own local ministry without organizational strings attached. This is in obedience to the scriptural teaching of autonomy of the Local church, and His will for such churches to have a balance in world evangelism.

Realizing that many churches are ignorant, unprepared, or are lacking significant population of Jewish people in their area to attempt a specific ministry to the Jews, The Hope of Israel Baptist Mission is a godly alternative, fulfilling Gods program in sowing the seed among the Hebrews:

1. Radio International Outreach

2. Nursing Home Outreach

3. Mailing List & Tract Distribution

4. Quarterly Newsletter to Jewish Homes

5. Conducting Street Evangelistic Rallies

6. Bible Conferences to enlighten churches

7. Weekly Bible Studies designed for Jews

8. Encourage others to become full-time laborers (missionaries) to the Jewish people

9. Hebrew/English Bible Distribution

10. Church Planting in Jewish populations

11. Evangelism at synagogues

12. College campus evangelism

13. Bible Publishing & tract printing ministry

Now that I am grown, I love my heavenly Father so,

That, like a little child again,

I humbly seek to know,

The things which are most dear to Him,

So I may love them too,

And thus draw closer to His heart,

And so I love - the Jew!

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