IDF Soldier In Tunnel From Gaza

IDF Soldier In Tunnel From Gaza

HIBM Editorial by Avi Goldstein * Terrorist Tunnels From Gaza To Israel! part 1- Dr. K. Daniel Fried, Editor in Chief – copyright  © 2014

The Israel Defense Force has discovered many large holes in Israel near the Gaza Strip border in the last few years. These are not made by prairie dogs, tortoises, moles or serpents. Any of these creatures could cause harm to a garden, but most of the time, these creatures are not a threat to humans. The worst creature of this bunch would be a rattlesnake. One of these holes was discovered in a watermelon patch. These holes are leading to a complex system of tunnels crossing the border from Gaza to Israel. An IDF soldier showed several journalists one of these tunnels, as displayed in the picture above.

More than thirty-two of these tunnels have been discovered by the Israel Defense Force. There are more than 100 entrance shafts to about 30 tunnels. An estimated 600,000 tons of cement and other materials at the approximate cost of $30 million dollars have been used to build these cross border tunnels. This money could have been used to buy food, build hospitals, and schools for the people of Gaza. The IDF soldier said that the tunnel that he was showing the journalist was made so that a soldier in full gear could walk through it. The tunnel is approximately 6 feet high and 2 feet wide. It is set up for electricity, and it has a metal rail on the floor to push a cart filled with weapons. Carved into the side of the tunnels are places to store a vast amount of weapons.

These tunnels were built by Hamas terrorists to attack innocent people in Israel. Hamas is like the serpent that appeared in the Garden of Eden to Eve. That serpent was Satan! He promised Eve freedom, but it resulted in slavery to sin and Satan. Hamas is promising the people of Gaza freedom from the blockade put up by Egypt and Israel. But, the murdering Hamas terrorists can not be trusted any more than Satan can be trusted.

The Hamas terrorists spin lies like a black widow spider spins webs to catch its prey!

After discovering the tunnels, Israel limited the amount of cement that could enter into Gaza. Because of the political situation, Israel did not reveal the presence of the tunnels to the rest of the world, right away. Human rights groups and the United Nations protested saying that Israel was hindering the economy in Gaza by holding up the cement. Furthermore, they said that Israel was preventing the people of Gaza from building and repairing their homes. The Hamas terrorists were behind the lie about the need for cement for building and repairing homes. Many people in the world fell for this lie of the serpent-like Hamas. But, in truth, the cement was being used to build these tunnels of terror!

Just like Satan told Eve that God was lying about the benefit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, Hamas lied about the purpose of the tunnels when Israel revealed them to the world. The following is a quote of their bold faced lie! “The occupation’s claim that it found tunnels and seized it by showing pictures is a complete lie,” the Ezzedeen al-Qassam Brigades said in a statement last week. “All the occupation found were underground corridors dug into a training facility that belongs to our group near the border.” (1) Again, the Hamas, of the Islamist movement proved that they cannot be trusted. They just keep spitting lies off of their forked tongue of terrorism.

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Hamas Terrorists Tunnels From Gaza To Israel!

(An Israeli Army officer in one of the many tunnels used by Palestinian militants that Israel says it has found in recent days. Credit Pool photo by Jack Guez.)


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