Typology – The Tabernacle


Curtains and Coverings Of The Tabernacle
Ex 26:1-14; 36:8-19


Linen Curtain (called The Tabernacle)
Ex 26:1-6


This curtain was composed of ten strips, each 28 cubits long. Five were coupled in one section, five in another. Then the two sections were couple together with 100 loops of blue and 50 taches (Ex 26:1-6).


Two groups of five represent grace upon grace. 50 Taches = 5×10. Grace completed. Every fiftieth year was jubilee. At this time debts were canceled, mortgages released, and captives were set free. That is what Jesus did for us on Calvary. Our sin debt was forgiven. That is COMPLETE GRACE!


Curtain of Goat’s Hair
Ex 26:7-13


This typifies Christ as our sin offering. The Bible specifies eleven occasions when goats were to be used for sin offerings. The scapegoat was also used to make atonement for Israel. Likewise Christ removes our sins “as far as the east is from the west.”


Five curtains were joined to six by fifty taches of brass. Grace(5) coupled with fallen man (6) rescues fallen man from destruction. As the fifty taches of brass (judgment) joined the tent together, so also Calvary (50, Jubilee) joins grace(5) with man!


Coverings of Rams’ Skins Dyed Red
Ex. 26:14


Rams were used for consecrating the priests for office. One for a burnt offering and one for consecration. (Ex. 29:15-22). Jesus became our consecrated High Priest and Sacrifice at the same time. Rams’ skins without being dyed were not sufficient. The had to be dyed red symbolizing the shed blood of Christ, without which there is no remission.


Coverings of Badgers’ Skins
Ex 26:14


Badgers’ skins were tough, durable, non-porous, water repellent, and weather resistant. Protection was its purpose.


Beauty was inside the Tabernacle. The outside withstood the rain, storms, and the sun. Jesus withstood the torture, ridicule, and shame of the Cross for our sake. He weathered the storm that we might enjoy the beauty inside.


No dimensions were given for the two upper coverings of rams’ skins dyed red or badgers’ skins. The cleansing power of Jesus’ blood (rams’ skins dyed red) is immeasurable. The durable badgers’ skins typify the boundless protection and security of believers in Christ.


Non-Christians never see the inner beauty of Christ. They only see the plain boring looking badgers’ skins. We who are in Christ are able to enjoy the beauty of the gold!



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