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        Dr. Fried has an immense library of books which he has used for over 38 years of ministry, therefore since so many people ask him what books he recommends we are posting them here. This will be an on going project so please be patient with us as we add new titles.   Please understand that we cannot fully endorse all the contents of each book, nor can we always endorse the authors. Therefore be advised that this recommendation is solely for research purposes.  

       So here below is a list of books, just click on the secure button for each title and you can first review them, then decide to buy it via our Amazon link which in turn will give HIBM credit for your purchase. Sure, you could buy these books some where else, but if you want to be a blessing to our ministry please use our site instead. 

       If you have a book that you would like to see on our site, please use the contact information and let us know about it, we will seriously consider it, but we cannot guarantee its posting:



The Hebrew-Christian Messiah: Presentation of the Messiah to the Jews

Studies In Jewish Evangelism



A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament

The Interlinear Bible: Hebrew-English (4 Volume Set)

Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary of the Bible (Strong’s Dictionary)



Night – by Elie Wiesel

Lest We Forget: A History of the Holocaust

The Hiding Place



George Muller – Autobiography



Fifty Years on the Battle Front with Christ: A Biography of Mordecai F. Ham



Full Assurance – by H.A. Ironside



Holiness: The False and the True – by H.A. Ironside

Temptation and Sin – by John Owen

The Mortification of Sin – by John Owen



King James Bible

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We quote from many sources to generate facts and therefore does not constitute by itself an endorsement of the authors or their affiliations.

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