Israel Election Likud Party Victory 2015

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may seem radical and racist to foreigners and liberals, but to many of Israel’s citizens, he is reasonable. Netanyahu’s Likud party marched to victory, endorsed by the highest number of Israeli voters, on March 17, 2015. When the facts are examined, it is apparent that Prime Minister Netanyahu is very reasonable, not radical or racists!

Netanyahu has sounded cries of alarm against the dangers of Iran becoming a nuclear power. Also, Netanyahu has endlessly warned that Iran is a lethal threat to Israel. Some say they have tired of hearing these alarms about Iran. To many people across the world, Netanyahu seems to be out of control with his constant alarms.

But, the truth is, Iran has constantly lied about their nuclear programs. If they sign an agreement not to build nuclear bombs they can not be trusted to keep it. They claimed that they did not have certain nuclear facilities, but in fact, they were hiding the locations of nuclear facilities. They have lied just like the serpent did to Eve in the garden. They appear to be going full speed ahead to build nuclear bombs so they can strike out at their enemies, including Israel and the United States. They have intercontinental ballistic missiles that can carry a nuclear warhead to anywhere in the world.

Constant threats have issued out of Iran to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. In particular, Iranian government officials and Iranian religious leaders have expressed a desire to slaughter all Jews. These are not idle threats. Iran has supplied terrorists, like Hamas, with training, weapons, and finances to fight against Israel for many years. Netanyahu’s alarms about the dangers of Iran are not radical. They are very reasonable when looking at the facts of Iran’s history.

Many think that Netanyahu is radical about not wanting a two-state solution. But, when the facts are examined, Islam terrorist are already attacking Israel constantly. When the Palestinians were given control of Gaza and the West Bank, bloodshed increased in Israel. It is apparent if the Palestinians are given more control of more land great harm will come to the citizens of Israel. There is land all over the world for the Palestinians to live on. They do not have a right to the land that God promised to the Jews. Any country that is Israel’s true ally will not try to force her people into a false two-state solution.

A true alley will not put you into the middle of a crocodile pit full of hungry crocodiles and say, “I hope you will be all right. We will protect you if something goes wrong. If something happens, we will have a real nice funeral for you.” The United States has been generally a friend and ally to Israel. But not everyone in America has been a friend to Israel. In fact, some Americans act more like enemies than friends to Israel. Trying to force Israel to have a false two-state solution is like trying to put them in with hungry, vicious crocodiles. There are many Islamic terrorists who are like hungry, vicious crocodiles.

Netanyahu has not always spoken out against a two-state solution. But, after many years of rocket attacks and suicide bombers by Islamic terrorists the facts are clear. A two-state solution would be a disaster for Israel. Netanyahu realizes this. It is not radical for Netanyahu to be against a two-state solution. It is reasonable considering the facts!

Some of the citizens of Israel have complained about everything being too expensive in Israel. Certainly, it is important to have money to buy food. But, I would rather have an empty stomach than an empty head. If the citizens of Israel go along with the liberals and accept a two state-solution, the Islam terrorists will shoot their brains out. Netanyahu wants to bring expenses down, but not at the cost of Israeli citizens being at the mercy of Islamic terrorists. Defense is expensive!

Israel has many enemies that will try to get them to disobey God. But, Israel must obey God’s Word if they want God’s blessings. God gave the land of Israel to the Jews, and they are not to give away even one inch of it in the name of peace.

There was a man of God who listened to a false prophet. The false prophet told the man of God that God sent an angel to say that it was okay for the man of God to come to his house to eat and drink. But, the prophet lied to the man of God and God killed the man of God for disobeying Him.

The liberal politicians of Israel have promised a social program with less expensive food and water to the people of Israel, if they would also agree with a two-state solution, to achieve “peace”. But, to accept a two-state solution would be disobedience to God’s Word. God will bless Israel greatly if they will obey His Word. It is time for the citizens of Israel to repent of their sins and turn to God. God has provided the Saviour, Jesus, for Israel. Jesus will meet all the needs of each individual Jew in the future if he/she puts their full trust in Him for salvation. Do not let the Palestinian lions eat you!

1 Kings 13:21- 24 “And he cried unto the man of God that came from Judah, saying, Thus saith the LORD, Forasmuch as thou hast disobeyed the mouth of the LORD, and hast not kept the commandment which the LORD thy God commanded thee, 22 But camest back, and hast eaten bread and drunk water in the place, of the which the LORD did say to thee, Eat no bread, and drink no water; thy carcase shall not come unto the sepulchre of thy fathers. 23 And it came to pass, after he had eaten bread, and after he had drunk, that he saddled for him the ass, to wit, for the prophet whom he had brought back. 24 And when he was gone, a lion met him by the way, and slew him: and his carcase was cast in the way, and the ass stood by it, the lion also stood by the carcase.”

Some said that Netanyahu made racists remarks about Arab voters to win the election.

“‘Right-wing rule is in danger,’ he said. ‘Arab voters are streaming in huge quantities to the polling stations.’

He said they were being bused to polling stations in droves by left-wing organizations in an effort that ‘distorts the true will of the Israelis in favor of the left, and grants excessive power to the radical Arab list,’ referring to the new alliance of Arab parties. Opponents accused him of bald-faced racism.” (1)

There was nothing racists about what Netanyahu said concerning the Arab Israeli citizens being bused in to vote. To call them Arabs is certainly not racists. That is what they are. Netanyahu realized that it was the left-wing liberals who were bussing them to the voting centers. He is also aware that most of these Arab Israeli citizens favor a two-state solution, since they were being bused in by left-wing organizations. Netanyahu was simply trying to encourage those who favor his policies to get out and vote before it was too late.

No doubt, Netanyahu is also aware that the Joint List Party is a combined group of four Arab-dominated parties in Israel. These parties include: Hadash, Balad, United Arab List, and Ta’al. Qatar, considered to be a terrorist state in the Middle East, financed the Balad party.

Qatar has basically declared war on Israel by its statements and actions against Israel. “A central component of the message of the Emir of Qatar and al-Jazeera is that the state of Israel is an illegitimate entity and must be fought with all means available to the Islamic world, mainly by spreading the message that the state of Israel is an illegitimate state that was established by a criminal act and all of its deeds are sin and iniquity.” (2) Since the Balad Party is a friend of the Middle East Qatar state, the Balad Party is probably an enemy of Israel.

“Reflecting intense anger and frustration at Qatar for its diplomatic and financial support of Hamas, a senior diplomatic source on Wednesday characterized the Persian Gulf state as a ‘bitter enemy of Israel.’” (3)

“The letter, which is being circulated Rep. Doug Lamborn (R., Colo.), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, calls out Qatar for being ‘the world’s safe haven for terrorist groups and militia leaders.’” (4)

Members of the United States Congress recently confirmed that Qatar financed and protected terrorists, including Hamas.

“The Qatari government has also actively financed, advocated for, and—at least until recently—hosted the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, a relationship that Doha is only being compelled to reconsider after increased pressure from other Gulf States, not the United States.” (5)

Qatar is an enemy of Israel. You can be certain that Qatar would not back the Balad Party, which joined the Joint List Party, if the Balad party had good intentions. It is very possible that the Joint List Party, composed of mostly Arabs, could be backed by the state of Qatar, considering they have backed the Balad Party. If this is the case, they could have intentions of doing harm to the Jewish citizens of Israel. There is nothing to indicate that they will not follow in the footsteps of Qatar, which may be financing them.

Netanyahu was not racist when he sounded the alarm about an overwhelming amount of Arab Israeli citizens coming out to vote. After the voting was over, it was found that the number of Arab voters increased greatly in compared to recent elections.

“An estimated 67-68% of Israeli-Arabs voted, up from 54% in 2013.” (6)  This means there was as much as a 14% jump in the voting rate of the Arabs in Israel. This could have very well been caused by bussing in the Arabs to vote for the left-wing politicians. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with bussing people in to vote. But, this seemed to be a conspiracy to grab up an unbalanced number of Knesset seats. This seemed more racial on the part of the left-wing organizations, considering they chose to bus in Arabs in mass.

Netanyahu’s call to voters who support his political position was not racists when you know the facts about the Joint List Party that they were going to vote for. As stated, the List Party consists mostly of Arabs who want a two-state solution that would bring great harm to the Jewish people of Israel.

Netanyahu is not radical or racists because he stands strong on these issues. In fact, Netanyahu is very reasonable. Please read the following articles to see that Netanyahu bases his political stand on the facts to protect the citizens of Israel!

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