Gaza - Girls lining up for school

Gaza – Girls lining up for school or beating?

HIBM Editorial by Nick Rosen

The world loves to condemn Israel for its policies toward the Gaza Strip.  Words like “apartheid,” “human rights violations,” and “war crimes” are common epithets tossed around by the media and left-leaning activists.  However, none of these groups recognize the fact that Israel’s Gaza policy stems directly from the presence of criminals, killers, and terrorists inside the territory who run this gangster state under force of arms.

And of course, no one mentions the tyrannical way these “poor Gazans” (in reality, the leaders of Hamas) run the Strip.  This video (linked below) shows only a small snippet of what life is like for the unfortunate Arabs who have to live under this oppressive regime.


A school in Gaza


photo source: Wikipedia ( Gaza ) – gaza-220px-girls_lining_up_for_class_-_flickr_-_al_jazeera_english


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