Detailed Instructions For Playing Video!

Detailed Instructions For Playing Video!

At the bottom left corner of the video display box is the play/pause button, left click with your mouse in this corner to play or pause the video. You will see the words play/pause when your mouse cursor is in the proper place. Also, you can start playing the video below by putting your cursor anywhere above the time bar of the video displayed, and left click on the mouse. To pause it, simply left click again. You can left click in the time bar at the bottom if you want to move to a different part of the video. In the bottom right corner of the video display box is the button for full screen. When you move your mouse cursor over this, click full screen if you want to view full screen. If the picture is unclear, you may want to view it in a smaller screen. To exit full screen, simply left click on the exit full screen button at the top or hit your Esc (Escape) button on your keyboard. To change the volume of the video, move your cursor to the left of the full screen button next to the time bar. When you are in the right place, it will say mute/toggle. Move your cursor arrow up the volume control until it is over the horizontal slider bar. Left click and your cursor will turn to a line with an arrow on both ends. With your mouse left click held, you can adjust the volume to the desired level. Otherwise, just turn your volume up on your speakers. If the video fails to play, you may need to open it up in a different browser, like Google Chrome. Internet Explorer is not very dependable. Also, you may need to download a media player such as ITunes or Real Player, as noted below.

You will need a program such as ITunes or Real Player on your computer to view the following mp4 video. ITunes is free to download!

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