Archeology Confirms Jewish Biblical History

April 10, 2018

True Archeology Confirms Bible Scientists in the field of archeology continue to uncover evidence that confirms Jewish history written in the Bible. Archeology is the study of history by excavating sites to find items and physical evidence from the past. When things from the past are uncovered, they must be analyzed to discover history....
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Netanyahu Proven Heroic Leader Of Israel – part 3 of 3

April 4, 2018

Many people in the world are being deceived by the lies of Iran claiming their nuclear program is for peaceable purposes. Even many Jewish people in Israel are swallowing Iran’s lies. Liberal politicians in Iran are trying to convince the citizens of Israel that a peace agreement can be worked out with Iran through...
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In Search Of A Blood Atonement

March 31, 2018

  Passover is an amazing story that reveals the power of sacrificial blood for the atonement of sins! In Egypt, the Passover blood saved the lives of the first born who were under its protection inside the house. The Passover blood in Egypt also pictured the final blood that would atone for the sins...
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Netanyahu Proven Heroic Leader Of Israel – part 2 of 3

March 28, 2018

Netanyahu understands that Iran is the enemy of Israel and the enemy of Jews all over the world. The following statements from Iran’s leaders prove that Iran is the sworn enemy of the Jewish people of Israel and all the Jews of the world. If Iran’s nuclear facilities are not destroyed and the nuclear...
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Netanyahu Proven Heroic Leader Of Israel – part 1 of 3

March 21, 2018

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will continue to work on his goals of achieving peace and safety for Israel when he is reelected! If Netanyahu’s opponents are elected, by those who are deceived, it appears that the peace and safety of Israel will be compromised! This election could be a turning point in Israel....
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Netanyahu Wisely Rejects Two-State Solution

March 14, 2018

Rejecting a two-state solution that includes Islam terrorists is a wise decision made by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu! It appears that in the past Netanyahu leaned more towards a two-state solution for Israel and the Palestinians. Netanyahu addressed the United States Congress in May 2011 about a two-state solution. At that time, he appeared...
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Battle of Armageddon and Syria

March 8, 2018

Iran is building a long-range Scud missile factory in Syria. These two countries are allies that have a devout hate for the Jews. They would like to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. In the future, Russia, also known as Magog, and Iran/Persia will be allies in a major war against Israel....
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Palestinian Boy Saved by Jewish Hospital

March 1, 2018

The life of a 13-year-old, Palestinian, Arab boy was saved at a Jewish hospital in Israel. A life-saving kidney transplant rescued the dying boy from the jaws of death. Israel continues to show their true colors of compassion. Jewish doctors have compassion on hurting people of all races and religions. In the past, the...
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Artificial Intelligence Predicts Death

February 22, 2018

Researchers at Stanford University developed an artificial intelligence that can predict when the death of a patient will occur. But, it does not control when a person will yield to death. Artificial intelligence is advancing at a fast rate. Satan may use artificial intelligence in his future, wicked kingdom on Earth. The image of...
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Angels Bring Tribulation Plagues

February 15, 2018

Since the fall of man into sin, the people of this wicked world have faced many deadly plagues because of the curse. Jesus told us that throughout time pestilences would bring sorrow to people. Bible prophecy tells us that plagues will destroy the lives of billions of people during and after the prophesied seven-year...
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