Archaeology Reveals Jews Possessed Jerusalem

May 25, 2017

Archaeology discoveries prove that the Jews possessed historical Jerusalem in 70 A.D. Archaeologists have recently discovered weapons of war in Jerusalem from 70 A.D. Archaeologists dug up stone, ballista balls flung at the Jews by Roman catapults. Arrowheads from Jewish arrows were also unearthed in the same location. When the Romans attacked the Jews...
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Trump Promotes Religious Peace In Israel

May 23, 2017

President Trump recently had peace meetings with Muslim and Jewish leaders in hopes of bringing religious peace in Israel. But, a true Muslim, who believes and follows the Quran, can never have peace with those who do not believe like they do. The Quran teaches violence against those who do not believe and follow...
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Transgender Children

May 19, 2017

The parents of this seven-year old transgender, Jewish girl are allowing her to identify herself as a boy. The unbiblical agenda of being a transgender is being pushed on the children of the world by sexual predators. The mother of this transgender girl stated that she rebelled against the teachings of her Jewish ultra-Orthodox...
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Brain Injury Treatment By Jews

May 18, 2017

A team of Jews recently revealed that they discovered a potential medical breakthrough to help cure traumatic brain injury. In the post picture, an Israeli woman is working at the Tikkun Olan medical cannabis plant farm. A chemical compound can be made from these plants to treat traumatic brain injury. Currently there are no...
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Super Weapons Of Russia

May 17, 2017

Russia is continuing to produce super weapons of mass destruction. In the future, it is certain that Russia will attack other countries, including Israel. Russia is sometimes symbolically compared to a bear. The bear moves a little slower than some other beasts, but when it moves, it has great strength. Many people underestimate the...
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Secrets Shared With Russia About ISIS

May 16, 2017

President Trump shared top secret information with Russia about planned terrorist attacks by ISIS on airplanes using laptop computers. It appears that the secret source of this planned ISIS attack was revealed to the United States government by agents from Israel. It seems that President Trump wants the United States to improve their relationship...
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Jerusalem Is Israel’s Capital

May 15, 2017

Jerusalem is the sole property of the Jewish people. The Arab people do not have any rightful claim to the city of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is included in the Promised Land guaranteed to the Jews by God. Politicians may fight to divide the city of Jerusalem into two capitals, but this will never bring peace...
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Heresy In Last Days

May 5, 2017

Many Americans and even some Christians are accepting doctrinal heresy as the truth. It is heresy to teach or believe a false doctrine that contradicts true Bible doctrine. In these last days before Jesus returns, heresy is spreading like destroying wild-fires. Many corrupt Bible Colleges are producing pastors and preachers who believe and teach...
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Israeli Firm To Provide Drinking Water From Air

May 2, 2017

A Jewish billionaire, Michael Mirilashvili, plans to provide drinking water for thirsty people across the world. Many people would continue to go without enough water if it was not for this Jewish businessman. Michael Mirilashvili controls a company that has produced a machine called Water-Gen. This machine can pull drinking water out of the...
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Jewish Remnant In Promised Land Forever

March 24, 2017

God has a Jewish remnant who will live in the Promised Land during the thousand year reign of Christ! It is important to understand that the everlasting promise of the land is not to every descendant of Abraham, according to the flesh. The Jewish remnant will enjoy peace like the peace seen in the...
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