Jesus in The Manna
Exodus 16; type in John 6:30-58


     There are many similarities between the wilderness manna and the Lord Jesus Christ. For example, Manna came down from heaven; Christ is the bread which cometh down from Heaven.

     Manna is miraculous and mysterious; Jesus is supernatural and mysterious. The word Manna comes from the word meaning " What is it?" (Man-Hu). They did not understand what it was. Neither did the Jews understand the Messiah when He came. They used the same word to ask of Jesus, "Who is this?" They didn't have to understand the manna; all they had to do was gather and eat. All we have to do is repent and accept Christ; we don't have to completely understand everything about Him.

     Four word are used to describe the manna. They are
Small - indicates His humiliation.
Round - indicates His deity - It is without beginning and without end. All heavenly bodies are spherical. Roundness is the symbol of eternity.
White - indicates purity. From cradle to cross His path was unsullied.
Sweet - indicates peace and satisfaction that comes through Him.

     Manna descended in the dew; dew is typical of the Holy Spirit who brings Christ to the sinner. The manna had to be gathered while the dew was on the ground. Dear friend, if a sinner is to come to Christ, he must come while the dew is on the ground, while the Holy Spirit is dealing with his heart revealing his sinful condition and opening his eyes to eternity!

     We see the Gospel in the manna, though not as easily as in some types. Manna came in the night time; Jesus came in the night of sin in the world to take our place. He suffered from the injustice of man and the justice of God.

     The making of manna into bread reveals the suffering of Christ on the cross when He faced the wrath of God. The Manna had to be beaten in a mortar, indicating the bruising of Christ of Isaiah 53. Manna lying on the earth was lifted up in a golden vessel and taken into the presence of the Lord - indicating the resurrection. The golden pot indicates deity. Manna rested on the earth only a little while; the thirty-three years of Christ's life are brief in the face of eternity. Manna came then and has never come since; Christ came once and has never come since.

     Manna was a free gift of God, and it couldn't be bought; Salvation was God's free gift through Christ. Manna was provided for all, within the reach of all, but if man didn't want it, he didn't have to take it; so, salvation is provided for all, and if man isn't saved it's because he doesn't take it. Man had to go on and get the manna; so we must appropriate Christ. While the children of Israel were gathering the manna, they had to kneel to get it off the ground. When we accept Christ, our hearts must kneel in humiliation before the King of Glory. The children of Israel murmured: We are filled with murmurings, and complain when we should be rejoicing in Christ.

     " O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!"   Rom as 11:33.

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