Jacob's ladder
Genesis 28

    Jacob is in the land of Luz. He is fleeing because of his fear of Esau and because of his trickery in getting the blessing.   He sees a ladder and angels ascending and descending. There is no other ladder in scripture.  What is the significance of this strange event?

     First let's notice that the ladder reached to God.   Christ in the anti-type.   He is the ladder by which God came down to man. God was on earth 1900 years ago in Christ through the womb of a young Jewish virgin.  If there is no Virgin Birth, then God didn't come down. If He had a human father there was sin in Him and He needed to be born again, and there was no Saviour.  He is the ladder by which man went up to God.  Christ is a man in heaven.  He is in heaven as a man, high priest, intercessor and advocate.

     The ladder also  indicates the greatness of the separation between God and man.  Man is here with his head on a stone and God is in heaven.  The two are separated by sin.  The ladder indicates a mediator, even as Christ is a Mediator.  A mediator must reach both man and God.  The ladder indicates salvation - "I am the way". He is the way from man's sin to God's glory, from wrath of God to the love of God.   Jesus could love you from Heaven, but He couldn't save you from there. The ladder touched earth  and Heaven. It was set up first on earth - Virgin Birth; and then it touched Heaven - ascension. We can never enter Heaven in any other way than through His death and resurrection.

     How do we get up? We mount by faith. Jacob's experience at the foot of the ladder was the same as that of many at the cross. "Surely the Lord was in this place and I knew it not"

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