Old Testament Survey

The following survey is by no means exhaustive but is intended to give you an overall view of the Old Testament.  The Books listed will get you through the OT chronologically.  In other words, just reading the books in bold will give you the timeline of the OT, and all other books were written the time period of one of these books.  I think it is one of the best surveys available.
Shows the beginnings of the Heavens, Earth, Man, sin, redemption, Israel, and more
Chapters 1-11 record birth of the world
Chapters 12-End of OT records Gods dealing with the Jews
Covers a period of approximately 2500 years
Abraham-- Isaac-- Jacob—Joseph
Near the end, Joseph goes to prison then saves Egypt
App. 70-75 of Jacob’s family go into Egypt
Other Old Testament books written during this time- Job
Begins with approximately  2 1/2 Million Jews in Egypt
Exodus happened in approximately 1445 B.C.
Book of Exodus covers about 80 years
Important chapters=10 records Exodus   20 records Sinai
Books written during this time - Leviticus
Records wanderings in the wilderness
The Jews made it to Israel (Canaan)  in 2-3 years
Kadesh Barnea was the turning point in Numbers
12 spies sent to spy out land
Chapter 13 records tragic event-people rebel against Moses
Joshua & Caleb trusted God
Result of unbelief was wandering until that generation dies off
At close of Numbers-East bank of Jordan
There Deuteronomy was written
Deutoros( 2nd) nomos (law)2nd Law
The law was recapped for new generation on east bank of Jordan
Moses dies and appoints Joshua to lead Israel
Leads Israel across Jordan into promise land
After main power bases of the heathen Canaanites were destroyed, smaller armies were still scattered.  He divides up the land and the tribes are separated. It was the duty of the tribes to defeat them in their inherited area.
Length of book is 30 years  conquest is 5-7 years
After the death of Joshua, there was no central leader in Israel

Difficult time in the history of Israel. Individual tribes judged in the absence of a central government
Israel follows the same circle for many years.  People forget God and refused to obey Moses. God causes people to fall captive.  They call on God and God sends a deliverer.  The Deliverer dies & people backslide the fall captive again.
Length of time of book-332 years
The Judges
1. Othniel
2. Ehud
3. Shamgar
4. Deborah
5. Gideon
6. Abimelech
7. Tola
8. Jair
9. Jephthah
10. Ibzan
11. Elon
12. Abdon
13. Samson
14. Eli
15. Samuel
Books written during this time -Ruth


1 Samuel
United Monarchy
1st Samuel is a transition period.  Israel is still young and in training.
There was a loose confederacy-1 banner over all period
Samuel appoints first king, Saul, to begin monarchy.  He  had a good start but a bad finish.
God rejected Saul and another king, David was appointed.
1 Samuel records the rise & fall of David
David kills Goliath
Struggle between Saul & David
Deaths at end of 1st Samuel-Saul, Jonathan, Samuel
2 Samuel
Struggles with Saul are behind David
David comes to power first over Southern portion of Israel- King in Hedron then over all Israel a few years later
David’s real enemy is revealed-Himself
Fall of David-adultery with Bathsheba, murder of Uriah
1 Kings
David is now an old man and appoints Solomon.
David dies, and Solomon builds temple.
After King Solomon dies-Rehoboam divided 1 Kings 11:43
Divided Monarchy
Rehoboam added to the heavy yoke of his father when Jeroboam asked him to lighten it.
Civil war splits Israel
Judah & Benjamin start Southern kingdom of Judah
Other 10 tribes form Northern Kingdom of Israel
Capital of Israel-Samaria  (Why women at well said “Jews have no dealings”)
Capital of Judah-Jerusalem
2 Kings
Records history of both kingdoms
Tragic ends of two kingdoms
725 B.C. Northern kingdom destroyed by Assyria
605 BC Southern kingdom conquered by Babylon
Temple destroyed
The destructions- North wouldn’t repent.  South wouldn’t because they felt safe because they had temple. (Jeremiah told them to repent)
End of monarchy
Israel is destroyed and Judah is taken captive into Babylon
Other Books written in this period
1st & 2nd Chronicles were written about 450-425 BC
Psalms Mostly David
Solomon wrote Proverbs (950), Ecclesiastes (935), Song of Solomon (965)

Prophets to Northern kingdom


Prophets to Southern Kingdom of Judah

Micah-700 (to the people] & Isaiah-740-680  (Court minister) were Contemporaries                                 

Prophets to Gentile Nations
Jonah-760                               Ninevah
Obediah-840                             Edomites

Prophets during Exile of Babylonian captivity
        Lamentations-586 recounts misery of destruction of temple.
Length of exile is foretold in Jeremiah 29:10,
"For thus saith the LORD, That after seventy years be accomplished at Babylon I will visit you, and perform my good word toward you, in causing you to return to this place."
World powers-Babylon"

Post Exilic Period

456-444 Persian capture of Babylon.  Israel in rebuilding process
Books written during this time- Esther
Nehemiah held an important position in the kings court
445-425 takes leadership of construction of political leader
Prophets during post exilic period
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